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Journey to the Well Experience

"Come see a man, which told me all the things ever I did; is this not the Christ?"

                                                                                                     - St. John 4:29

Our Vision

To reach out to hurting women to bring healing and restoration in the broken areas they have experience in life. To assist local agencies of Women and children that are in shelters and those that are incarcerated. To incorporate for women to travel nationwide and broaden their horizons as Women of God. To build hope and self-awareness by affirming their purpose and destiny.

Our Mission

To Transform women in their lives to develop their character and recognize their calling and purpose, operating their gifts in the Kingdom of God.

Our Purpose

Women making a change in life to receive the abundance of living. Exploring an opportunity for every woman to be made whole by finding her identity. Motivating them to become productive leaders and effectually fervent in ministry. To be inspired to apply the teachings through the power of experiencing the Word of God. Encountering God’s presence at the meeting place, known as the Well Experience. “Journey to the Well Experience” compels women as stated in St. John 4:29; “Come see a man, which told me all things that ever I did . . .”

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Responsibility of Journey To The Well Experience

Journey's Sisters experiencing god's open door photos.

How Much is a Hundredfold Return?

Now he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness; Being enriched in everything to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God.

                      — 2 Corinthians 9:10-11

The whole kingdom of God operates according to the principles of planting, seedtime and harvest. The hundredfold return is God’s principle of return on your giving. What are you planting into the kingdom of God? Expect a hundredfold return on whatever you give, whether it be words, faith, money or any other seed you plant.
So, how much is a hundredfold exactly? We often think of it as 100 times the original seed sown, but in reality it can be much greater than that. More accurately, the hundredfold return is simply the greatest possible return on any particular seed sown. For example, a hundredfold return on an apple seed would be a strong, healthy tree that produces an abundance of high quality apples every year. When we believe God for the hundredfold return in our lives, we believe for the greatest possible return on every seed we sow!
You can discover what the greatest possible return on your seed sown is by spending time with God in worship and prayer. After we tithe and sow seed, our role is to let Him reveal to us what we should believe for in regard to our harvest.


Join Us 
New Theme:  "
Divine Position~Operating in God's Order"   

"Journey to the Well Experience" founder of the Women's Ministry Apostle Phyllis Carter has created a teaching on Divine Position ~ Operating in God's Order reference Gen. 2:15 /  Esther 2:17 / Esther 4:14.  In this message, realigning the people of God in their commitment to operate in their gifts and talents.  Therefore, maintaining the very Order of God to bring Him Glory and Honor.


                               Journey's 2024 New Schedule 
Fri. Jan. 5th @ 7pm                                    Fri. Apr. 5th @ 7 pm Guest Speaker - Personal Safety
Fri. Feb. 2nd @ 7pm                                  Fri. May 10th @ 6:30 pm Mother's Day Dinner           
Sat. Mar. 2nd @ 10 am-Family Bowling   Fri. Jun. 7th @ 7 pm Taking It To The Streets
Roseland - 26383 Broadway Ave, Oakwood, OH 44146

Journey's Services are available on Messiah's U-Tube

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