History of Journey to the Well Experience

In 2003, Apostle Phyllis Carter was introduced to the book “Journey to the Well” by Bishop Vashti McKinney. She was inspired to expand the author’s writing to set up a Women’s study on the “Woman at the Well.” The teaching in this book motivated Apostle Phyllis to continue on with the theme. She is now calling the women of God to another level of encountering Jesus at the Well.

In 2004, she began her own writings to come forth calling the Women’s Ministry at Messiah-“Journey to the Well Experience.” While teaching these series, God released her to mentor women from all over the city of Cleveland. Journey’s Vision is to reach out to hurting women by bringing healing and restoration to the broken areas in their lives. In addition, it aims to assist local agencies of Women and children that are in shelters and those that are incarcerated. Journey provides opportunities for women to travel nationwide to broaden their horizons as Women of God. The heartbeat of Journey is to build hope and self-awareness by affirming one’s purpose and destiny.

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The Following Themes Were Established:

2004—Women of Purpose and Destiny—(Cleveland, OH)
2005—Women of Grace and Honor—(Hudson, OH)
2006—Women of Status—Walking in a High Calling—(Cincinnati. OH)
2007—Women of Royalty-Stepping Into Their Inheritance—(Orlando, FL)
2008—Women Leading By Example-Anointed for Success—(Atlanta, GA)
2009—Women of Power, Influence and Authority-Empowered For Kingdom Work—(Washington D.C.)
2010—Women of God Setting the Atmosphere-Experiencing the Weight of God’s Glory—(Cleveland, OH)
(Preparing for 2011 International Trip)
2011—Latter Rain Experience-The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit—(Paris, France)
2012—Divine Connections-Women of God Maximizing the Gifts of the Spirit—(Cleveland, OH)
2013—Beloved Daughters of the King-Chosen By God—(Honolulu, Hawaii)
2014—Empowered Women of God-Transforming Lives Making A Difference—(Cleveland, OH)
2015—Women of Promise-Receiving Abundance—(Cleveland, OH)
2016—Year of Manifestation-Answered Prayers—(Independence, OH)
2017—Women of Vision-Fulfillment of Purpose—(Cleveland, OH)
2018—Women of God-Obtaining and Receiving—(Detroit, MI)
2019—Great Women Experience-The Fullness of Life—(Cleve. OH)

2020—Due to the COVID-19 Women’s Summit Postponed until 2021

This ministry has grown to see all types of women being healed from their past and hurts, keeping the faith that one day a change will come to pass. We give God all the praise for the powerful opportunity to witness and travel this road of “Transformation.”

Journey to the Well Experience

Our Vision

To reach out to hurting women to bring healing and restoration in the broken areas they have experience in life. To assist local agencies of Women and children that are in shelters and those that are incarcerated. To incorporate for women to travel nationwide and broaden their horizons as Women of God. To build hope and self-awareness by affirming their purpose and destiny.

Our Mission

To Transform women in their lives to develop their character and recognize their calling and purpose, operating their gifts in the Kingdom of God.

Women making a change in life to receive the abundance of living. Exploring an opportunity for every woman to be made whole by finding her identity. Motivating them to become productive leaders and effectually fervent in ministry. To be inspired to apply the teachings through the power of experiencing the Word of God. Encountering God’s presence at the meeting place, known as the Well Experience. “Journey to the Well Experience” compels women as stated in St. John 4:29; “Come see a man, which told me all things that ever I did . . .”

Our Purpose

"Come see a man, which told me all the things ever I did; is this not the Christ?"

                                                                                                     - St. John 4:29


When you partner with the Journey To The Well Experience you are helping to set in motion Purpose and Destiny. The JTTWE is God sent and mandated to change a generation of people and move them to the next dimension in Him. When you give you are carrying out the great commission to spread the gospel throughout all nations. Journey to the Well Experience desire to see women broken free from the chains of bondage and walking in the manifestations of God’s promises. If we are going to turn our communities, churches and nations back to God we must begin to covenant one with another and we thank you for allowing JTTWE to be one of the places to do so. Our Covenant Partnership program has been designed to allow individuals to participate in the continued growth and development of this ministry. Partnership will allow you to be a blessing to our International Ministry by alleviating the financial burden off any one person. As you commit, portions of your finances and prayer time, you will bring salvation to the lost, heal the sick, strengthen families and promote economic empowerment. Your support will impact many lives. God will get the glory through your prayers and financial support. As you can see your partnership has “Purpose” and “Destiny” here at the JTTWE. God will use you for the work of the Ministry, for the perfecting of the saints and the edification of the body of Christ Jesus. God is using you to bless others and move us into our God mandated Destiny, to carry out our mission to change lives through the word of God all across this world. Most importantly, you will be partnering with a growing number of visionary people who understand that we can do so much more together than we can do alone-for such a time as this!


Responsibility of Journey To The Well Experience

What Your Contribution Does...

• Receive Covenant Partner Membership Packet
• Prayer Team daily prayers for our Partners
• Monthly gifts and Quarterly Newsletter
• Networking with Community projects and Agencies
• Study the Word and diligently seek God on your behalf.
• Dr. Phyllis Fosh-Carter one on one counseling as need
• Development to establish your Call and Destiny
• Special Discount for Mentorship Enrollment

As A Covenant Partner I will ...

As A Covenant Partner I will ...
• Go before God in earnest prayer for this ministry
• Support this ministry with my $20 monthly gift
• Share this ministry with others whom I come in contact with.

Covenant Partnership isn't just about receiving from you. It's also about Journey giving to you. Thank you for being a Blessing.

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Bio of Dr. Phyllis Fosh-Carter

Apostle Phyllis Fosh-Carter is known as a motivated leader who has been chosen by God to be a trend-setter. Her mission is to pave the way for Women to be successful in their daily walk with the Lord, while she is juggling everyday responsibilities and wearing many hats in her own life. She is the wife of Apostle Harold Carter, where they both serve as Pastors at Messiah International Ministries for 26 years along enjoying their 45 years of marriage. She is the mother of two sons Harold, Steven and the stepmother of the late Antwan Peterson. In addition, she is a grandmother of seven and a great grandmother of one.


She was called in the ministry in 1975 and started moving out in the ministry preaching in the 1980s. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, Ohio, majoring in Fashion Merchandise. She has also attended Ashland Theological Seminary. In 2017, Apostle Phyllis was recognized as an Honorary Doctorate by Messiah International Ministries.


During her training period, in 1992-93, she was ordained and served as Assistant Pastor under the leadership of Bishop John Hilton, Sr. (Pastor of Faith Temple Church of God-Cleveland, OH). She was also inspired by her spiritual covering the late Dr. Dennis Norris-President of the American Baptist Association and Pastor.

On February 11, 1994, she organized the Messiah Church of the Living God, under the leadership of Bishop Helen London of Detroit, MI. In November of 1999, she and her husband changed the name of Messiah Church of the Living God to Messiah International Ministries for greater outreach to all mankind.


Apostle Phyllis is known for helping women of all backgrounds, which motivated her to speak for the Women in Transition Program at Tri-C campus. She has a Women’s ministry at Messiah meets every 1st Friday of the month, entitled “Journey to the Well Experience” empowering women around Greater Cleveland to identify their calling. Apostle Phyllis Women’s ministry includes traveling over the last eleven years to many different states hosting statewide Retreats. Some of her Retreats include traveling to the White House and in 2011 she hosted the 1st International Conference in Paris, France. She continued to expand traveling in 2013 to Honolulu, Hawaii. She states, “There is more to life than Cleveland, give the women the ultimate experience of seeing the world, which is such a great opportunity.” She will continue to plan more inspiring Conferences that bring a closer relationship to God. In addition, Apostle Phyllis loves to organize groups taking women higher in God. In the last five years, she has been overseeing her Mentorship Program One on One. The Mentorship classes offer a variety of skill techniques, that incorporates Trainers, Coaches and Counselor Professionals. This gives every Mentee a One of One support system. Enrollments are in the Spring, which concludes with a Graduation in the Fall.


She gives God the glory being the recipient for the Business Woman of the Year Award in April of 2017 hosted by the loda Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. Epsilon Chapter.

Apostle Phyllis is such a blessing to so many people; she has a high energy level in her preaching. She believes strongly that God has never created any misfits; everybody has a purpose in their lives. Her anointing weighs heavily in the “Deliverance ministry.” She is a woman of God that has a strong character, launches platforms for others, great integrity, and is a mighty force in the fight toward righteousness. She concludes, in her belief, “Don’t leave the devil standing, take him out and have no fear, . . . because greater is He that is in you then he that is in the world.” I John 4:4 Lastly, “Women of God to stretch forth with Vision and fulfill their destiny.”

How Much is a Hundredfold Return?

Now he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness; Being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God.

                      — 2 Corinthians 9:10-11

The whole kingdom of God operates according to the principles of planting, seedtime and harvest. The hundredfold return is God’s principle of return on your giving. What are you planting into the kingdom of God? Expect a hundredfold return on whatever you give, whether it be words, faith, money or any other seed you plant.


So, how much is a hundredfold exactly? We often think of it as 100 times the original seed sown, but in reality it can be much greater than that. More accurately, the hundredfold return is simply the greatest possible return on any particular seed sown. For example, a hundredfold return on an apple seed would be a strong, healthy tree that produces an abundance of high quality apples every year. When we believe God for the hundredfold return in our lives, we believe for the greatest possible return on every seed we sow!


You can discover what the greatest possible return on your seed sown is by spending time with God in worship and prayer. After we tithe and sow seed, our role is to let Him reveal to us what we should believe for in regard to our harvest.

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